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What Courses Do We Offer?

Python Programming For Beginners From Scratch

Python is the future of software development. This high-level programming language is commonly regarded as the best programming language to learn for beginners.

Coding for beginners

Coding knowledge is a must-have 21st-century skill. The ability to read, write, and understand code has never been more important, useful, or lucrative as it is today. Computer code has forever changed our lives.

Learn C++ Programming from Beginner to Expert

This is the most comprehensive yet straight-forward course for the C++ programming language. This course assumes no previous coding experience. It doesn't matter if you have never written any programs or you have no idea about programming... After my course, all of this will change. You will bust the myth that programming is a difficult thing!

Popular Coding Languages


Java, a general-purpose language, has been a mainstay in the world of computer programming for more than 20 years. The key to its popularity has been it “write once, run anywhere” philosophy.


Python is perhaps the most user-friendly programming language of any on this list. It’s often said that Python’s syntax is clear, intuitive and almost English-like, which, like Java, makes it a popular choice for beginners.


Another solid option for web developers is PHP. This server-side scripting language powers 83 percent of websites and has been a vital back-end tool for tech giants.

Tips to Learn Coding Faster

Ask for help. You’ll need it

As awesome as it would be to become the next Steve Jobs on your own, the reality is that people learn faster with mentors and peer feedback. What may seem like an immovable bug or an unlearnable topic could be quickly alleviated by a fresh pair of eyes or a new interpretation of the subject.

Seek out more online resources. There’s a wealth of content

If a particular concept doesn’t make sense, be it in a textbook, or during class lecture, maintain your confidence and look for alternate online resources to learn the same content.

Don’t just read the sample code. Tinker with it

Reading the sample code is not enough to understand how it works. To develop a true understanding, you need actually to run the code and tinker with it.

Gabriel Gagneux

Co-Founder of Code Unlocking

We take it step by step ensuring everyone keeps pace and has confidence with their new skills. We start by looking at programming environments before moving onto frameworks and HTML/CSS development. Then we develop a more practical application linking to databases and web servers.

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